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Episode 9: 54 Days To Go!

  • You can get a weekly list of action items that will help you get your friends and family voting. Email relational@vote.org to sign up!

  • Choose a Thing - any particular thing that matters - so you can focus and work hard on one thing. Pick an issue or a candidate and go all in! That will help you make a big impact and keep from getting overwhelmed by the many worthy causes that need attention right now.

Episode 8: Voting Rights: Looking to Our Past to Understand Our Present

  • Complete the Census! - then tell all your friends to do it too.

  • Host a Ballot Party to help your friends and family understand their ballot and get pumped for voting!

  • Sign up to be a poll worker

  • Speak about voting at any group you're involved with and be annoying about it until you're confident everyone is ready to vote.

Episode 7: Down-Ballot Races - Why They Matter & How To Pick 'Em

Episode 6: What Is Voter Suppression? With Attorney Marc Elias

Episode 5: Unlocking the Youth Vote with Coach Carm, A Baby, & Gretchen Bleiler

  • Help students vote by: (1) Advocating for polling places on college campuses, (2) Making sure students have rides to the polls, (3) Helping students request and mail back absentee ballots.

  • Help students acquire IDs if they need them to vote. Visit spreadthevote.org/vote for help.

  • Under 18? Pledge to reg!

Episode 4: Kicking Down Voting Barriers with Judith LeBlanc, Nicole Byer, and Sasheer Zamata

Episode 3: Get 'em to the polls with TMZ's Harvey Levin and Piper Perabo

What can you do to increase voter turnout?


  • Volunteer for your favorite local voting organization or campaign.

  • Plan a virtual voting party with your friends and family!

  • Encourage your employer to give workers the day off on 11/3: electionday.org

Episode 2: Voting by Mail (AKA Pantsless Voting) with Bradley Whitford, Aminatou Sow, and Ann Friedman

Vote by mail! Vote at home! Vote without pants!


  • Request your mail in ballot early and know the rules! vote.org

  • Does your state require an ID to vote early? Get help HERE

Episode 1: Prepping for November with Stacey Abrams and
Lauren Juaregui

Be the voting expert in your community.


  • Request your absentee ballot early at vote.org

  • Make an election day plan! When or where are you dropping off your vote by mail ballot EARLY? Going to the polls? Where? With whom? What book and snacks are you taking? Will you need an ID? (Spread The Vote can help you with that.) Have a plan and make sure your friends and family do to!

  • Do your research! Look up ballot measures, candidates, and even judges to be sure you're voting with as much knowledge as possible!

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